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Bobby Bray is one of the most respected names in the East Tennessee golf world. Bobby had an illustrious 40-year career at The Country Club in Morristown, Tennessee, where he worked from 1971 until 2011. Bray’s competitive playing career included victories at the 1974 Tennessee State open; the 1982, 1989 and 1998 Tennessee Section Championships; the 1999 and 2003 Senior Section Championships and an appearance in the 1999 U.S. Senior Open. Bobby served on the Knoxville Chapter Board of Directors. Bobby has worked with countless players of all ages and over 100 of his students have gone on to play collegiate golf.

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Latest Tip

Putting Basics:

We all want to putt like Jordan Spieth, but does that mean that we have to copy everything Jordan does to be a good putter? The answer is not at all. The putting stroke, much like any other shot in golf is entirely unique to the player. Putters come in all shapes and styles, for all shapes and styles of strokes. Finding the perfect putter style can be tough, but you know it as soon as you putt with the right one. Putting comes down to feel, and feel is achieved only one way: through practice, practice, practice.

Set up:

A good putting stroke doesn’t put the ball in the hole without getting set up the right way. Using the company logo on the ball or a marker line on the ball are helpful aids in getting set up correctly prior to the stroke. There are almost as many ways to grip the putter as there are styles or putter heads. There is no right or wrong way to grip the putter, using light pressure is one common characteristic of a good grip. The only right way is the way that allows you to deliver the putter face back to the ball squarely and start the ball on the correct line.

The Stroke:

The bottom line on the stroke path is that not much matters beside whether or not the putter face is square through impact. Just like the full swing, all that matters is what happens when the club impacts the ball. The putter does not have to go straight back and straight through perfectly, many good putters have varying degrees of arc in their putting stroke.

Similarly to the stroke path, one very important aspect of the stroke that can vary player to player is tempo. Tempo refers to the relationship in speed between the backswing and delivery of the putter. A slow backswing and quick stroke or inversely a quick backswing and decelerating delivery of the putter makes it almost impossible to be consistent on speed and line both. The name of the game in putting is consistency. Finding a stroke path and tempo that allows you to make a consistent stroke will lead to more putts made.


Putting can be incredibly frustrating if you look at it in terms of “Did the ball go in the hole, yes or no?” If you look at every putt in these terms then you’ll never be satisfied. The goal with most putts should be to line up the putt, make a good stroke, get the ball rolling on the correct line and that’s it. Sometimes good putts don’t go and bad putts do. That’s all part of the game, but having a good approach to putting, executing that game plan and living with the results will help to build confidence in your putting.